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Florida Notary Bond

June 6, 2022

What Does a Florida Notary Bond Guarantee?


A Florida Notary Bond Guarantees that the Notary will honestly, diligently, and faithfully discharge the duties of the notary public. An individual harmed by the notary’s breach of duty while acting in an official capacity can make a claim against the surety bond.


How to Get a Florida Notary Bond


Florida Notary Bonds can be purchased online instantly. Simply fill out the online application and purchase and print your bond in minutes. These bonds do not require a credit check. A Florida Notary Bond can be purchased both with E&O insurance and without E&O insurance.


Green button to instantly purchase a Florida Notary Bond w/ E&O Insurance


Green button to instantly purchase a Florida Notary Bond without E&O Insurance


What is E&O Insurance for Florida Notary Bonds?


E&O insurance covers honest mistakes and errors that occur during the course of acting as a Florida Notary in an official capacity. The coverage could be important if someone sues the Florida Notary. The coverage helps pay to defend the notary and provides some liability coverage if the Florida Notary loses the case. 


What Does a Florida Notary Bond Cost?

A Florida Notary Bond cost $40 without E&O Insurance. This cost covers a four year term. At the end of four years, a new bond or continuation will need to be purchased. 


A Florida Notary Bond with $10,000 in E&O Insurance Coverage costs $80. This also covers a four year term. 

Who Are the Parties to a Florida Notary Bond?


A Florida Notary Bond is a three part agreement. The Notary is the Principal on the Bond. This is the party promising to fulfill the duties of a Florida Notary. The Florida Department of State is the Obligee. This is the party receiving the promise of the bond. The Surety is a third party bond company that is guaranteeing the Notary’s promise. If the Notary breaches their duty and a claim is made, the Surety may have to pay the claim.


This chart shows the three parties to a Florida Notary Bond including the Florida Department of State, the Surety Bond Company and the Florida Notary in blue boxes. The background is a bronze notary stamp.


Florida Notary Bond Requirements


The Florida Notary Bond Must include the following to be accepted:


  • The bond must be payable to any individual harmed as a result of a breach of duty by the notary public acting in his or her official capacity.

  • The bond must be executed by a surety company for hire duly authorized to transact business in this state.

  • The bond must be approved and filed with the Department of State.


What is the Term of a Florida Notary Bond? 


A Florida Notary Bond is a four year bond. This coincides with the four year Florida Notary term. Once the four years is over, a new bond or continuation will need to be issued.


Bond Must Remain Active


If a Florida Notary does not maintain a Florida Notary Bond, their license may be suspended. The Notary Bond must be active for as long as one wishes to remain a Notary in the state.


Claims Against the Surety Bond


Any body that has been harmed by the Florida Notary breaching their duty while acting in their official capacity can make a claim against the Notary Bond.


The Surety Bond Company will then investigate the claim. If valid, they pay the claim up to the maximum of $7,500. The Surety will then seek reimbursement from the Florida Notary. Indemnification is required for Florida Notary Bond. Notaries can read more about indemnity here.


Additionally, Florida Code requires that if the surety bond company pays a claim against the Florida Notary Bond, as a result of a breach of duty by the notary public, the surety bond company shall notify the Governor of the payment and the circumstances which led to the claim.


Requirements to Be a Florida Notary 


Anyone who is 18 years or older and a Florida resident can apply to become a Florida Notary. A permanent resident alien may also apply. Florida residency must be maintained as long as the person wishes to remain a Florida Notary though.


Process to Be a Florida Notary 


Each applicant must complete an application and pay the fees to the State of Florida. Further, every applicant must swear or affirm on the application that the information on the application is true and correct. 


Additionally, “as part of the oath, the applicant must swear that he or she has read this chapter and knows the duties, responsibilities, limitations, and powers of a notary public.”


Getting a Florida Notary is simple and required for those who want to be a Florida Notary. These surety bonds can be purchased instantly here. Florida Notaries may also need other license bonds and many of those can also be obtained quickly by visiting our Florida Surety Bonds Page


For more information visit our Surety Bond FAQs Page or contact the surety experts at Axcess anytime.

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