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Garland Texas General Repair Bond

February 28, 2022

The City of Garland Texas requires a General Repair Bond before Right of Way work can begin. Find out what this bond is, how to get one and what they cost. 


What is a Garland Texas General Repair Bond?


A Garland Texas General Repair Bond is a type of License and Permit Surety Bond. The City Right of Way Management Department requires this bond along with a Contractor Registration Form and a Utility Registration Form before any right of way work can begin. 


Parties to a City of Garland General Repair Bond


The Obligee is the City of Garland, Texas. This is who is requiring the bond and benefiting from the guarantee. The Contractor performing the work is the Principal on the bond. The Principal is the party making the promise. The Surety is the third party bond company that is guaranteeing the Principal’s fulfillment of the bond obligations. 


This shows the three way relationship between a contractor, surety and city of Garland Texas on a Garland Texas General Repair Bond. The background is a Texas flag and flowers.


What Does a Garland General Repair Bond Guarantee?


The bond guarantees that if a contractor doing work to the City’s right of ways, or easements does damage to streets, roads, curbs, or utilities, they will fix the damages. If the contractor does not fix the damages, the City can make a claim against the bond to the bond company. The bond also guarantees that the contractor maintain the work for a period of one year. 

The bond also states that the contractor must agree to abide by the city's specifications and codes for all the repairs made.


What Does a Garland General Repair Bond Cost?


Garland General Repair Bonds Cost $100 each for most contractors. These bonds are very affordable protection for the City. 


How Do You Get a Garland General Repair Bond? 


Garland General Repair Bonds are very simple to obtain and can be purchased in seconds. These bonds are instant issue and can be purchased by clicking the button below. 



Indemnity is Required on Garland General Repair Bonds


Like all surety bonds, these bonds require the Principal contractor to indemnify the surety bond company. This means that if the bond company suffers a loss, the contractor and any indemnitors agree to reimburse the bond company. This is a major difference between surety bonds and insurance. You can read more about indemnity here


City of Garland, Texas Bond Form


Contractors can get a copy of the City’s bond form here


Additional Information


Garland, Texas General Repair Bonds are easy to obtain and can be obtained instantly. Additional information can be found by contacting the City of Garland Department of Engineering. Additionally, you can read our Surety Bond FAQ Page or contact our bond experts at Axcess Surety anytime. 


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