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What is an Arizona Vehicle Title Bond?

An Arizona Vehicle Title Bond is a surety bond that protects interested parties against damages caused by the state of Arizona issuing a duplicate motor vehicle title or mobile home when the state is not satisfied with the vehicle’s ownership or lien status. The bond also covers any reasonable attorney’s fees. Arizona Statute 28-2057 covers bonded titles.

How Does an Arizona Lost Vehicle Title Bond Work?

The applicant for a vehicle title is called the principal on the bond. The principal pays a third-party called the surety bond company a fee and agrees to provide indemnity in exchange for the bond. The surety then provides a vehicle title bond to the state of Arizona Motor Vehicle Division, which guarantees payment of damages caused by the state issuing a duplicate title. The bond is conditioned to indemnify past and successor owners of the vehicle or mobile home, along with past and future lienholders and other parties.

Should a claim occur against the bond, the surety will investigate the claim and pay it, if necessary. The surety can then seek to be reimbursed by the principal under the indemnity agreement. The title bond is a tool to protect the public. It can be much easier to collect money from a licensed surety company than try to recoup damages from a vehicle owner.

What is the Required Amount of an Arizona Vehicle Title Bond?

An Arizona Vehicle Title Bond shall be in the amount of one- and one-half times (1.5x) the vehicle or mobile home’s value. The Department determines the vehicle or mobile home’s value. However, the bond amount is the most the surety bond company will have to pay regardless of the dollar amount of damages, or the number of claims filed against the bond. This is referred to as the bond’s penal sum. Generally, payment under the bond does not relieve the principal of additional legal liability, however.

What Do Arizona Vehicle Title Bonds Cost?

Arizona Vehicle Title Bonds cost 1% of the bond amount or less for most applicants. For example, a $30,000 bond can currently be purchased online for as little as $270.

How to Obtain an Arizona Vehicle Title Bond

Most Arizona Vehicle Title Bonds can be purchased online instantly without a credit check. The applicant will need to provide contact information along with the bond amount. Additionally, the vehicle’s year, make, model, body style and serial number will be needed.

How Long are Arizona Title Bonds Required?

An Arizona Certificate of Title Bond is required for three years. After the three year period, the bond will be returned to the applicant. The bond may also be returned if the vehicle is moved out of the state and the duplicate certificate of title is surrendered back to the state. In order for the state to return the title bond, no notice of claims can be received by the state.

Steps to Obtaining a Bonded Vehicle Title in Arizona

  1. Visit a MVD or authorized third-party location to obtain a vehicle inspection.
  2. Complete a vehicle or mobile home bonded title application affidavit.
  3. Obtain a Lienholder Notification. This can be searched by the Department for a $3 fee. If lienholders show up, certified letters will need to be mailed and obtained.
  4. (Mobile Home Only) Obtain a property tax clearance letter and valuation from the county assessor.
  5. Obtain an Arizona Certificate of Title Surety Bond discussed above.
  6. An emissions test may be required for some vehicles.
  7. Submit all documents to the MVD.


Obtaining a replacement vehicle title in Arizona is fairly easy. Complete the steps and purchase a title bond online instantly. Contact Axcess Surety today for assistance on your bonded title. You can also purchase many other surety bonds online by visiting our Arizona Surety Bond page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Bond For Car Title Arizona?

An Arizona Surety Bond for a Vehicle Title is called many things including Bond for Car Title, Certificate of Title Bond, Defective Title Bond, Lost Title Bond and many others. They all refer to a vehicle or motor home that has a duplicate title issued because the state is not satisfied as to the vehicle's ownership or lien status.

How Long Does a Bonded Title Last in Arizona?

Three years. At the end of three years, the surety bond will be returned so long as there are no claims filed. 

Is There Anything Wrong with an Arizona Bonded Title?

While bonded titles do carry some extra risk about ownership and/or lien status, the surety bond does provide protection against damages. Further, these titles are very common, and our experience shows that claims against title bonds is very low. 

Can I Get an Arizona Bonded Title with Bad Credit or Bankruptcies?

Arizona Title Bonds for most amounts do not require a credit check with Axcess Surety. Therefore, even those with credit challenges will qualify. When a credit check is required, we have surety bond companies and expertise that can help applicants in most situations qualify.
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