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Insurance Agents – Partner Wth Us

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Insurance Agents and Brokers - We Want Your Partnership

We want to partner with insurance agents and brokers who are looking for a surety bond solution for their customers. We call it a partnership because we want you and your customers to feel that way. We can help you solve their surety problems and place their bonds without making them feel like they are a transaction.


Why Us?

We Do Not Write Insurance

You do not have to worry about us taking your customer. We do not write insurance and want you to keep your customers away from other brokers who may use bonding as an opportunity to pick up their insurance.

We Pay Great Commission

Unlike many brokers, we split commission fairly. We value your partnership and want to keep you and your customers coming back. In many cases, we can also obtain better rates than your customer may get through some credit based programs.

We Do Not Ask for Unnecessary Information

We have used brokers as well and nothing is more frustrating than asking for a different application or a list of unnecessary items before declining the account. We give our honest assessment upfront and will let your and your customer decide if you want to move forward. 

We Have the Markets and Tools

We work with top surety bond carriers including national and regional markets. We have the expertise and support for large accounts, small accounts, first time users and even those we financial challenges. 

We Work Nationally and Internationally

We are licensed to work in any state as well as other U.S. Territories and Internationally.


How Do We Get Started?

Contact us anytime at 816-318-4955 or by emailing We can work on an approval before finalizing a partnership agreement.



A Word of Caution

We understand if you choose another broker. However, we want to make sure it's right one. Many contractor require that a bond company is listed on the U.S. Treasury 570 Circular and rated "A-" or better by a rating agency such as A.M. Best

Should you choose to work with another broker, we would encourage you to verify the bonds meet these two requirements and are written by a Corporate Surety. Some surety bonds are written by Personal Sureties. These companies have a questionable history and do not meet the requirements of many contractors. This could lead your client to paying for a bond twice.

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