Raising a Glass: The Oregon Liquor Control Commission Licensee (Direct Shipper) Bond


Oregon’s thriving wine industry boasts an array of vineyards and wineries producing exceptional wines. For those looking to ship wine directly to consumers in the state, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) Licensee (Direct Shipper) Bond is a crucial requirement. This bond is more than a regulatory obligation; it’s a commitment to upholding ethical practices, compliance, and consumer protection within the wine shipping industry. In this article, we will uncork the specifics of the Oregon OLCC Licensee (Direct Shipper) Bond, revealing its significance, purpose, and essential information needed to understand its role in ensuring responsible wine shipments to consumers in the state.

What is the Oregon OLCC Licensee (Direct Shipper) Bond?

Oregon Liquor Control Commission Licensee (Direct Shipper) Bond

The Oregon OLCC Licensee (Direct Shipper) Bond is a financial guarantee required by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. It serves as a form of insurance, ensuring that wineries and wine producers shipping directly to consumers in Oregon adhere to state regulations, maintain ethical standards, and provide a safeguard for consumers in case of disputes or non-compliance.

Why is it Required?

Oregon Liquor Control Commission Licensee (Direct Shipper) Bond

The primary purpose of the Oregon OLCC Licensee (Direct Shipper) Bond is to protect the interests of consumers in Oregon who purchase wine directly from out-of-state wineries and producers. By making this bond a requirement, Oregon aims to ensure that wineries and wine producers comply with state alcohol regulations, maintain professional standards, and provide a financial safety net for consumers in cases of disputes or non-compliance.

How Does it Work?

Wineries and wine producers outside of Oregon who wish to ship wine directly to consumers in the state are required to obtain an OLCC Licensee (Direct Shipper) Bond. The bond is obtained from a surety company, which assesses the financial stability and trustworthiness of the winery or producer before issuing the bond. Once issued, the bond is submitted to the OLCC as proof of financial responsibility.

If a winery or wine producer fails to fulfill their obligations, violates state alcohol regulations, or causes financial harm to consumers, affected parties can file a claim against the bond. The surety company then investigates the claim, and if it is deemed valid, it compensates the claimant(s) up to the bond’s face value.

The winery or wine producer remains responsible for reimbursing the surety company for any claims paid out. Failure to do so can result in legal consequences and potential suspension or revocation of their shipping privileges in Oregon.

Why Does it Matter?

  • Consumer Protection: It safeguards the interests of Oregon consumers who purchase wine directly from out-of-state wineries, ensuring that they receive quality products and ethical service.
  • Compliance and Accountability: The bond promotes compliance with state alcohol regulations, reducing the risk of unethical practices in the wine shipping industry and maintaining accountability among wineries and producers.
  • Economic Contribution: It facilitates the legal direct shipment of wine to consumers in Oregon, contributing to the state’s economy and supporting wineries outside of Oregon.


The Oregon OLCC Licensee (Direct Shipper) Bond is a vital component of responsible wine shipping to consumers in the state. It serves as a financial safeguard for consumers, ensuring that out-of-state wineries and producers uphold ethical standards, comply with alcohol regulations, and provide a consistent and secure means for consumers to enjoy quality wine. Understanding the purpose, operation, and significance of this bond is essential for wineries, wine producers, consumers, and anyone involved in the wine shipping industry. By adhering to this requirement, they contribute to an industry where compliance, accountability, and consumer protection are the hallmarks of responsible wine sales and shipping.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can an Out-of-State Winery or Producer Temporarily Suspend Their OLCC License and Bond When Not Shipping to Oregon Consumers?

In less common scenarios, an out-of-state winery or producer may not plan to ship wine to Oregon consumers for a certain period, such as during seasonal closures or other operational reasons. They may inquire about the possibility of temporarily suspending their OLCC License and Bond during this time. Typically, the OLCC License and Bond are active for as long as the winery or producer intends to ship wine to Oregon consumers. Suspending the license and bond during periods of inactivity may not be a standard procedure, but wineries and producers can discuss their specific circumstances with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) to explore options.

What Happens If a Direct Shipper Receives an Order for Wine Varieties They Are Not Licensed to Ship in Oregon?

In less common cases, a direct shipper may receive an order for wine varieties that they are not licensed to ship in Oregon. They might wonder how to handle such orders and whether they would be in violation of their bond and license. It is essential for direct shippers to ensure that they only ship wine varieties for which they are properly licensed in Oregon. Shipping unlicensed varieties could result in violations of state regulations and bond requirements. In such situations, direct shippers should decline the order or explore options to obtain the necessary licensing for the specific wine varieties.

Are There Bond Requirements for Wineries and Producers Located Within Oregon That Ship Wine Directly to Consumers in Other States?

Occasionally, wineries and producers located within Oregon may decide to ship wine directly to consumers in other states, as allowed by various state regulations. They may question whether there are bonding requirements for outbound shipments. While bonding requirements for outbound shipments may vary by state, the focus of the OLCC Licensee (Direct Shipper) Bond is primarily on protecting Oregon consumers when wine is shipped into the state. Wineries and producers shipping wine to consumers in other states should inquire about the specific bonding requirements and regulations of the destination states.

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