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Union Power Cooperative plays a vital role in delivering electricity to communities across North Carolina, ensuring residents have access to reliable power for their homes and businesses. As part of its service agreements, Union Power may require customers to provide a utility deposit as a form of security. For those unable to pay a traditional cash deposit, the option of a Utility Deposit Bond exists. But what exactly does this bond entail, and how does it benefit both Union Power Cooperative and its customers?

Why is the Utility Deposit Bond Important for Union Power Cooperative and its Customers?

The Utility Deposit Bond holds significant importance for both Union Power Cooperative and its customers. For Union Power, it enables the cooperative to offer its services to a broader customer base, including those who may face financial constraints and cannot afford a traditional cash deposit. By accepting a bond in lieu of cash, Union Power can expand access to essential utilities while still safeguarding its financial interests and ensuring reliable service provision.

For customers, the Utility Deposit Bond represents an opportunity to access essential utility services without encountering the barrier of a large upfront deposit. This can be particularly beneficial for low-income households, individuals with limited credit history, or those facing temporary financial hardship. Instead of tying up funds in a cash deposit, customers can allocate their resources more effectively while still enjoying the benefits of reliable electricity service.

How Does the Utility Deposit Bond Benefit Union Power Cooperative and the Community?

The Utility Deposit Bond offers several benefits for Union Power Cooperative and the community at large. By accepting bonds as an alternative to cash deposits, Union Power demonstrates its commitment to equitable access to essential services and supports economic inclusion and social responsibility. Additionally, by expanding access to utility services, the bond contributes to overall community well-being, promoting energy affordability and reducing the risk of utility disconnections, which can have adverse effects on public health, safety, and quality of life.

Furthermore, the Utility Deposit Bond can help stimulate economic growth and development by encouraging new connections and fostering business opportunities. By removing financial barriers to utility access, the bond supports entrepreneurship, job creation, and economic stability within Union Power’s service territory, ultimately benefiting the broader community and contributing to regional prosperity.


In summary, the Union Power Cooperative Utility Deposit Bond serves as a valuable tool for expanding access to essential utility services while mitigating financial risks for both the cooperative and its customers. By offering an alternative to traditional cash deposits, the bond promotes economic inclusion, social equity, and community well-being, reinforcing Union Power’s commitment to serving its customers and supporting the prosperity of North Carolina communities.

What is the Union Power Cooperative Utility Deposit Bond?

The Union Power Cooperative Utility Deposit Bond is a type of surety bond that serves as an alternative to a traditional cash deposit for customers who are unable to provide the required upfront payment. This bond acts as a guarantee to Union Power Cooperative that the customer will fulfill their obligations, such as paying utility bills on time and adhering to the terms of their service agreement. Essentially, it provides assurance to Union Power that any outstanding debts or liabilities will be covered in the event of default by the customer.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Utility Deposit Bond Be Used for Multiple Properties Under the Same Account?

Customers who own multiple properties or rental units may wonder if a single Utility Deposit Bond can cover deposits for all properties under the same account with Union Power Cooperative. While policies may vary, it’s essential to understand that utility deposit requirements typically apply on a per-account basis rather than per-property. Therefore, customers seeking to cover multiple properties may need to inquire with Union Power about the possibility of extending the bond’s coverage to additional properties under the same account or if separate bonds are required for each property.

What Happens if I Overpay My Utility Bills While Under the Utility Deposit Bond?

In some cases, customers may overpay their utility bills, resulting in a credit balance on their account. They may wonder how this surplus is handled, particularly when they are under a Utility Deposit Bond. Typically, any overpaid amounts are applied as credits towards future utility bills unless the customer requests a refund. However, customers under a Utility Deposit Bond may have limitations on receiving refunds due to the bond’s guarantee of payment. It’s advisable for customers to discuss their options with Union Power Cooperative’s customer service representatives to determine the best course of action regarding credit balances and potential refunds.

Can the Utility Deposit Bond Be Used to Waive Late Payment Penalties or Disconnection Fees?

Some customers may inquire whether the Utility Deposit Bond can be utilized to waive late payment penalties or disconnection fees incurred due to missed payments. While the bond serves as a guarantee of payment for utility services, it typically does not cover additional fees or penalties resulting from late payments or account delinquency. Customers should be aware that late payment penalties and disconnection fees are separate from the deposit requirements and are subject to Union Power Cooperative’s policies and regulations. It’s essential for customers to communicate with Union Power regarding any difficulties in making timely payments to explore potential assistance programs or payment arrangements available to them.

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