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Louisiana Notary Bonds

To become a commissioned Notary in Louisiana, you need to obtain a Louisiana Notary Bond. These bonds are easy to obtain and inexpensive. Learn what these notary bonds guarantee and how to purchase one online in minutes.

What is a Louisiana Notary Bond?

A Louisiana Notary Bond is a surety bond that protects the public by ensuring that a commissioned Louisiana notary public will perform their duties according to the laws and regulations of their Parish. The bond states:

“The condition of this obligation is such that if the above named Principal shall well discharge and perform the duties incumbent on him as notary public in an for the Parish of [Parish Name], then is such case the above obligation to be null and void: otherwise, to remain in full force and effect.”

What is Notary Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance?

While a notary bond provides financial protection for a notary’s acts, it does not protect the notary from further damages and lawsuits caused by the notary’s actions. The notary may have to defend themselves, which can be very costly. 

Notary E&O Insurance helps protect the notary from further damages and lawsuits. Generally, the policy limits on E&O insurance are larger than the notary bond. Many E&O policies also provide defense cover inside the policy limits. This means that the insurance helps pay to defend the notary against claims and lawsuits without degrading the amount of insurance coverage available. 

Most Louisiana notaries should consider Notary E&O insurance. It provides valuable coverage for a low cost. Notaries should note that most E&O policies exclude acts of dishonesty, fraud or malicious acts committed by the notary.

How Does a Louisiana Notary Bond Work?

The Louisiana notary public is referred to as the principal on the bond. The principal pays a third-party surety bond company (the surety) premium for the bond and agrees to indemnify the surety for any loss it occurs. In return, the surety provides a financial guarantee to the state of Louisiana (called the obligee) on behalf of anyone damaged by the notary’s mistakes or unlawful actions. 

Should a party become damaged by the notary, that party may file a claim against the notary bond. The surety bond company will investigate the claim and pay out against the bond if necessary. The bond company may then seek to be reimbursed from the notary under the indemnity agreement. 

What is the Required Amount of a Louisiana Notary Bond?

A Louisiana Notary Bond is required to be in the amount of $10,000. This is the most the bond company will have to pay out for claims regardless of the dollar amount of the claim, or the number of claims filed. Generally, payment under the notary bond does not relieve the notary from further liability. As with most notary bonds, the actual damages caused by the notary can be significantly higher than the bond amount. This is another reason why the notary may want to consider higher limits under a notary E&O insurance policy.

How Do You Obtain a Louisiana Notary Bond?

Louisiana Notary Bonds can be purchased online without a credit check. These bonds require no underwriting and anyone can obtain one regardless of the credit or financial circumstances. An applicant will need to provide their contact information and the Parish for which they are applying. Then simply purchase and print your notary bond. Applicants may also contact Axcess Surety for assistance.

What is the Cost of a Louisiana Notary Bond?

Louisiana Notary Bonds can be purchased online for a cost of $150 with $10,000 or Notary Errors and Omissions insurance, or for $110 without Notary E&O. Additional E&O limits may be purchased by contacting us. 

How Long are Louisiana Notary Bonds in Effect?

Louisiana Notary Bonds follow the notary’s commission and must be in effect for five years. The bond must also be renewed every five years as long as the notary maintains their commission.


Louisiana Notary Bonds are required to become a commissioned Notary in Louisiana. These bonds are easy to obtain online and are low cost. Louisiana notaries may also need additional surety bonds. Many of these can also be purchased online by visiting our Louisiana Surety Bonds Page. Notaries can also visit our Guide to Surety Bonds for more information, or for the answer to many frequently asked questions. Contact us or get your notary bond today.

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