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Surety Bond Resources

This page contains Surety Bond Resources to help make bonding easier!

Bond Cost Calculator

This is an image of a Contract Bond Cost Calculator

This calculator makes it easy to determine the cost of Performance Bonds, Payment Bonds and Maintenance Bonds.

Work in Progress Report

 This is a picture of a Contractor Work in Progress Report




This Work in Progress Report helps Contractors track costs, profitability and billings of contracts in progress.

Job Cost Breakdown


This Job Cost Breakdown helps Surety Bond underwriters understand the make up of a construction project.

Bond Request Sheet

This request sheet provides information on a project when a bond is needed. 

Construction Change Order Template

An image of a construction change order

Contractors can use this simple Change Order template for project changes. 

Contingent Payment Clauses in 50 States (Kegler, Brown, Hill, Ritter)


Front page of Keglar Brown Payment Clauses in 50 States

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Vice President of Axcess Surety. Surety Bond and financial expert dedicated to helping businesses and individuals understand and obtain surety credit.
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